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At A&M Manufacturing, our goal is to provide equipment, service and expertise in a timely manner at an affordable price.
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our efficiency concept

Infeed System

A & M has designed this infeed system specifically for efficient operation. Three pineapples and powered hold downs provide additional traction over and above the typical infeed system for maximum acceleration to the planer. The live shear significantly reduces the initial gap that must be closed before the board enters the planer. Chromed aggressive spiral rolls are placed under the pineapples, helping the boards move to the guide quickly. Beyond the powered hold down, we suggest an idler hold down that has 14 inch diameter rolls, allowing the boards to pass under each roll with ease.

Most adjustments can be made without stopping production. We provide this labor and time saving feature on three pineapples, powered hold down, idler hold-down, anti-double up bar and live shear position. The holdover on the bridge requires no upstream adjustment as it follows the live shear position.

products list

What We Can Offer You...
  • Electric Feed Table
  • Hydraulic Feed Table
  • Electric Bridge
  • Electric Powered Hold Down
  • Hydraulic Powered Hold Down
  • Upgrades from Hydraulic drives on Planer and Feed Table to Electric Drive
  • Top, Bottom and Side Head TEFC Motor Upgrades
  • New Cutter Heads (top, bottom and sides
  • Knurled and Smooth Planer Rolls
  • Aggressive Spiraled Table Rolls
  • Aggressive Steel Pineapples with replaceable Bands
  • Water Cooled Guide Bars and Water Cooled Bed Plates for all brand Planers
  • Wear Parts for all brand Planers
  • Position and Tension Systems for both Infeed and Planer
  • Jointers